SOLSC – 2/31

I drag my tired body out of the warm comfort of my bed, my muscles shouting in protest. After such a long day of sports practices, writing my slice is one the last things I want to do. I desperately want sleep. My warm bed calls my name, but I force myself to write. Thursdays are one of my busiest days of the week, and some how I always manage to have tons of homework on top of it all. Squeezing in dinner and homework in between an hour of weight lifting and nearly four hours of dance proves to be a difficult task. Adding the fact that I also have to write my slice just makes things a little more difficult. Nonetheless, I still love everything I do. If I had a real problem, I would just stop doing it. Investing such long hours into my sports can be a hassle, but my improvement as an athlete is visible. And so I continue to practice and write into the long hours of the night, knowing that come first hour tomorrow, I will definitely wish I had went to bed earlier. Yawning, I give in to my weary limbs and drooping eyelids, and decide to call it a night.

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