SOLSC- March 21, 2020

Day 9 in quarantine. The last few days I have actually done so much better at accepting this bad situation. However, tensions are still high after being stuck with just my family for this long, and there are many times where my frustration still gets the best of me. Fortunately, I have the studio. Being able to go down to the studio and practice alone has been so great during this break. Dancing has been the perfect outlet for my boredom and anger.

SOLSC- March 20, 2020

Today I danced my first hard shoe full since November. Making my comeback after being injured for six months has proved to be so much harder than I ever imagined. While the stress reaction on my femur is healed, my sprained ankle has already come back. Additionally, three months of complete rest has left me more out of shape than I have been in years. While my dancing today was no where close to perfect, just getting through my full routine was such a victory. I am slowly getting back to the dancer I was months ago. In the past three months, I missed dancing every single day. Now, even practicing alone in the studio has brought me back so much joy.