SOLSC – 1/31

I wake with a start to the sound of my alarm. Groping at the sheets around me, I attempt to find my phone to end the ceaseless noise. As soon as I am able to shut off the alarm and shake myself into complete consciousness, a series of emotions flood over my brain. I’ve been counting down for March for the last two months and the ideas of dance season starting up and slice of life starting again is enough to put me in a pretty good mood, considering the fact that it is six in the morning. March has always been my favorite month. Performances, fish fries, daily blog posts, and tennis practice should be enough to keep me busy. As an Irish dancer, writer, and tennis player, I’ve got a lot to look forwards to for the next 31 days. .

2 thoughts on “SOLSC – 1/31

  1. Great description, Amber! I know that you look forward to March and all the fun and excitement it brings! As a side note, I find it eerie that as I read your post, my computer speakers (which are muted on my computer) suddenly started making crazy noises! 🙂 It was like your alarm was coming through! 🙂

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