SOLSC – 31/31

The only way to describe today is bittersweet. The feeling of accomplishment is strong as I realize that I did it. I actually managed to write every single day this month. A certain amount of pride is attached with this accomplishment, but sorrow accompanies it as well. The month passed so quickly, it hardly feels like I have actually written for 31 days straight now. It seems sad to think that tomorrow I will get onto my blog only to see that there would be no one posting there slice for the day. Maybe I will choose to write anyways, even though the challenge has ended, but the feeling will be different. I remind myself how much better next March will seem though. We will wait throughout the whole month of February, eagerly anticipating March 1, the day we will all write again and reconnect as we read about each other’s day.

SOLSC – 30/31

Shoulders back. Feet turned out. Toes pointed.

The music started and we moved quickly across the floor in time with the music.

Kicking my butt. Lifting my leg as high as I could.

Our instructor stopped us and gave us her feedback.

Improvements being made. Dancing better than ever before.

We immediately felt the effects of the new classes.

Joy in our advancement. Love for the new class.

We left the studio with newfound confidence in our dancing, anxious to return next week.

SOLSC- 29/31

I smiled at the sun’s warm rays that both spread over my back, and warded off the cool, crisp air. The sparkling blanket of frost that covered the ground this morning made the current cloudless sky seem especially welcoming. My joy only increased as the sound of birds calling out to each other filled the air, making it feel like spring had finally arrived. I couldn’t help but getting my hopes up. Maybe the dreaded winter months were finally being replaced with the much welcomed spring

I soon approached the door and bid the sun and the birds farewell before stepping into the abnormally cold house. Once I was inside I lacked the protection of the sun and was instantly engulfed in coldness. I quickly found a snack and grabbed my book before heading out to the porch to read for a while. It was too easy for me to push aside my homework and just take a break to read. Besides, it wasn’t like this was a regular occurrence, so I let myself slip out onto the steps and once again welcome the warm sunshine and the feeling of spring that accompanied its warmth.

SOLSC – 28/31

I lazily glanced at the email, assuming it was just junk mail. Wrong. Quickly scanning the screen, I saw that the subject revealed a simple message that made my eyes light up. It was my turn to check out Winter. After months and months of waiting in the holds list, the book I was waiting to read was  finally available for me to check out. I quickly got into the library app, letting out a little squeal of excitement. After reading the first three books in the series so quickly, I found myself devastated when I realized how long the wait would be for the fourth book. I begin to read as soon as the book downloads, instantly getting lost in the plot and the characters I left behind so many months ago


SOLSC – 27/31

I tossed and turned on the chair, desperately trying to fall back asleep. My brothers had already woken up and begun to move around in the small hotel room, making as much noise as possible.

“Did the Easter Bunny come?” My mom asked. I could hear Jace shuffling around the room, searching for evidence that the Easter Bunny may have come.

Not even a full minute later he alerted us of the colorful presents by the door. I gave up hope of falling back asleep and joined my brothers by our bags. Chocolate, jelly beans, and peeps came into my vision. My eyes lit up when I saw my own bag filled with snickers and Cadbury cream eggs. Ignoring the fact that it was only 8:30, we filled our cheeks with the little chocolate eggs and candies that every Easter promised.

SOLSC – 26/31

We watched in amusement as the jaguar crawled into its cardboard box. The big cat curled up on the ground with its head poking out of the box, closely resembling the big kitten it really was. We laughed and took a few more pictures before moving on to the next exhibit.

After walking for a little while we found a lively polar bear in its cage putting on a little show for the children at the window. The furry, white bear stood up on its hind legs, pressing his front paws against the glass. The kids at the window were delighted. They giggled and pressed their own palms against the glass in attempt to “hold hands” with the bear on the other side of the barrier. We again laughed and took pictures before moving on.

We laughed and giggled as the day progressed on, making more and more memories and taking more and more pictures with the animals. Too soon, our feet began to ache and we were ready to call it a day. We managed to visit all of the remaining parts of the zoo before we gave in to our aching bodies and returned to the hotel.

SOLSC – 25/31

I ducked under the low hanging ceiling and slid through the narrow passage, attempting not to brush the slimy, wet wall. A drop of water slipped off of the limestone and landed in my hair, causing me to let out a small yelp of shock, still on edge about the cave spider we saw in the enterance. Shaking off the feeling, I resumed making my way down the narrow steps into the depths of the cave. We continued to treck through the drip stone cavern, growing closer amd closer to the end of the tour. Only towards the end did the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites come into view. Large columns of rock stuck out of the floor and hung from the ceiling, creating facinating formations. A particular group of stalactites could only be described as what closely resembled a cluster of plant roots. My mouth hung open in awe as I stared at the indescribable rocks. It was as if someone made a bunch of long narrow poles out of the limestone and then grouped them all together. Pictures can’t even begin to describe the feeling of actually being in the cave and seeing the stalactites in person. It felt like a dream that ended all to soon, leaving us with memories, pictures, and plans to return.

SOLSC – 24/31

Two hours has passed and boredom is beginning to sink in. Our movie only ended about five minutes ago but in those five minutes we were quick to realize how dull this situation is. We sprawl uncomfortably across our seats, trying to think of something, anything, that we could do to pass the time. For a while we settle for staring out the window, marveling at the strange power-lines along the roads in Indiana, but the temporary excitement soon passed. I opt to writing my slice while my brothers doze off against the window.
Soon enough we feel the car coming to a stop. The mention of food and a bathroom break is enough to wake the boys. I hastily unbuckle as soon as we park, growing more and more claustrophobic by the second. As my brothers take their sweet time to get out of the car, preventing me from exiting, I feel as though my body is going to explode.
“Move!” I cry out in exasperation, desperately needing to get out of the cramped car.
Cadin shoots a glare my way, yet picks up the pace. He climbs out with me right on his heels.
“Thank you.”
We go inside for maybe ten minutes before returning to the claustrophobic car. We would be stuck there for the next five hours. With any luck, we would find a way to vanquish the boredom.

SOLSC – 23/31

I trudged down the long driveway, cold rain running off of my hood and down my forehead. The wind stung my watering eyes, forcing me to hastily blink away tears that were rapidly forming. My brother and I must have resembled the hunchback of Notre Dame as we leaned forwards with our large backpacks, attempting to shield our faces from the merciless wind. I forced myself to put one foot in front of the other, shivering as fat drops of rain soaked into my jeans and coat. My coat had turned to a new darker shade of purple and my wet pants rubbed uncomfortably against my skin with each step. By the time we reached the porch, the unprotected ends of my hair hung in ringlets and my coat and backpack dripped water. I let out a huge sigh when we stepped into the warm sheltered house.

“Hot chocolate?” My brother asked.

SOLSC – 22/31

My bright red pajamas pants bobbed in and out of view, my legs working furiously at the pedals. The long winter months had provided me with restricted exercise causing my legs to burn as my bike raced over the ground. That, and the girly pink bike I was riding was hardly suitable for an off road situation like that one, especially since the bike was far too small.

I swerved to avoid a pothole in the midst of the pebbles and dust. Spring had taken its toll on the driveway just like the previous years. Year after year we watch as the thawing ground turns the dirt to mush. Once hardened, potholes and ridges are left behind to be narrowly avoided by our bike wheels.

My legs seemed to cry out I relief when I finally made my destination. I quickly ran  up to my grandma’s house to grab the butter and then hopped back on the dreaded bike, my legs hardly having time to recover before I was off again.

The ride back was easier than the ride there, the only difference being that the ride back was slightly more downhill. I let out a sigh of relief as I pulled my bike into the garage and gave the butter to my dad. It was a mission well accomplished.