SOLSC – 26/31

We watched in amusement as the jaguar crawled into its cardboard box. The big cat curled up on the ground with its head poking out of the box, closely resembling the big kitten it really was. We laughed and took a few more pictures before moving on to the next exhibit.

After walking for a little while we found a┬álively polar bear in its cage putting on a little show for the children at the window. The furry, white bear stood up on its hind legs, pressing his front paws against the glass. The kids at the window were delighted. They giggled and pressed their own palms against the glass in attempt to “hold hands” with the bear on the other side of the barrier. We again laughed and took pictures before moving on.

We laughed and giggled as the day progressed on, making more and more memories and taking more and more pictures with the animals. Too soon, our feet began to ache and we were ready to call it a day. We managed to visit all of the remaining parts of the zoo before we gave in to our aching bodies and returned to the hotel.

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