SOLSC- March 2, 2018

The judge gave a swift nod in my direction and I promptly stepped forwards alongside my competition. We both took position and waited. A split second later the music began and I plastered a smile on my face and started to dance. I focused hard through the beginning of the step, tightening my body and willing myself not to stumble like I so often do in practice. After successfully completing the spin without any problems, I grinned even harder and pushed through the rest of the step. I paid no mind to my competition as she crossed the stage completing her own step. We dodged each other as we briefly crossed paths. As I danced, I tried to remember everything my teacher had told me; stay on my toes, turnout, high kicks. After what seemed like only a matter of seconds, I reached the end of my step. I completed the last kick, pointed, bowed, and returned to my place in line.

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