SOLSC- 29/31

I smiled at the sun’s warm rays that both spread over my back, and warded off the cool, crisp air. The sparkling blanket of frost that covered the ground this morning made the current cloudless sky seem especially welcoming. My joy only increased as the sound of birds calling out to each other filled the air, making it feel like spring had finally arrived. I couldn’t help but getting my hopes up. Maybe the dreaded winter months were finally being replaced with the much welcomed spring

I soon approached the door and bid the sun and the birds farewell before stepping into the abnormally cold house. Once I was inside I lacked the protection of the sun and was instantly engulfed in coldness. I quickly found a snack and grabbed my book before heading out to the porch to read for a while. It was too easy for me to push aside my homework and just take a break to read. Besides, it wasn’t like this was a regular occurrence,┬áso I let myself slip out onto the steps and once again welcome the warm sunshine and the feeling of spring that accompanied its warmth.

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