SOLSC – 20/31

The cloudless blue sky met the green grass in such a way that I couldn’t help myself but to gravitate towards the door. I quickly stepped out into the light in hopes that the sun’s rays would be enough to warm my chilly skin. Much to my dismay, I was met with the same cool air from last week. As tempting as it was to flee from the unwelcoming breeze, I forced myself to venture further from the shaded porch. Still nothing. I gave the yard once last glance and was about to head back into the comfort of the house when something caught my eye. Whipping my head back around, I noticed the small cluster of colors sprouting out of the garden. The chilling air that had blanketed itself around my body seemed to vanish as I rushed out to investigate. Sure enough, three clusters of flowers showing off magnificent shades of purple had popped out of the ground, daring to brave the weather. I ran back inside to my parent’s room, ignoring the questioning look I earned from my youngest brother. After knocking on their door, I quickly barged into the room to share the news. Spring had finally arrived.

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