SOLSC – 18/31

The sun begins to fall, darkness seeming to cave in. Bountiful leaps are shown as we try to reach the dark clouds. As we propel ourselves to the sky on the trampoline, we can’t help but notice our shoes shining bright against the dark surface as if they were the moon themselves. A single camera flashes and illuminates what has now become pitch dark, revealing where our moons of shoes glow. We desperately attempt to capture the moment before it passes as quickly as the sinking sun had set only minutes ago. Our laughing smiles seem to twinkle like the stars barely showing above. As we attemp one last picture of our laughter as we lay sprawled across the trampoline, the phone’s light died just as quickly as the sun did before. With that we spring back to the house, just as though the sun had sprung back up again.


I had no clue what to do for my slice today so I asked my friend for some help. Taylor and I ended up taking turns writing sentences so I can’t really take full credit.

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