SOLSC – 13/31

I can feel the stress of my makeup work starting to catch up to me. Tomorrow I won’t be at school so I got my work in advance. Now as I sit at the table, trying to comprehend what my math book is even saying. Each time someone interrupts me I grow more and more frustrated. Fighting breaks out and I grab my bag and move to my room, trying to avoid other responsibilities until I can finish my homework. I study the math problem again and it suddenly clicks. The answer I was searching for was so painfully obvious. My anger begins to melt away as I finish up my math and move on to English. As I wrap my homework up an hour or so later, guilt starts to weigh over me as I begin to regret some of the nasty things I said early under the pressure of stress. I decide to go back downstairs, hoping any fighting didn’t do permanent damage. Brief words are exchanged and I am sent off to finish the work I was avoiding earlier. Talking feels awkward though as I am unsure whether it is anger still hanging in the air, or if it could be remorse. Hoping for the latter, I decide that by morning the fighting and stress would be forgotten, and apologies and forgiveness could be given.

One thought on “SOLSC – 13/31

  1. Amber, you have such a way of describing situations so perfectly, even situations that are far from perfect. I hope that you were able to find some peace surrounding this and I’m amazed at your insight. I think I said it last year, but your perspective seems so far beyond your years! Thanks for sharing and writing and for thinking about your words and actions and others.

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