SOLSC – 12/31

Mud squished under our feet as we walked along the path, searching for a good spot for our fort. The ground was still covered in a blanket of brown leaves from last fall, littered with twigs and branches that were snapped off of trees. We only searched for a few minutes before heading back up the muddy path to ask how far back into the woods that we could go. Soon we made it to the house only to be informed that I had to get ready for dance. My brother instantly got a sad look on his face. I turned to him and promised we could go back outside when I got home. We quickly exchanged pinky promises before I ran upstairs to get ready.

One thought on “SOLSC – 12/31

  1. I love this little glimpse into you as a big sister! I can imagine the saturated ground and the mud and ick. I also really enjoy that this post is unfinished…meaning that the fort never got built, but that it was enough to know that you’d get there…eventually. Thanks for sharing!

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