SOLSC – 1/31

imageThe soft thud of footsteps made me drift into consciousness. Thoughts immediately began racing through my head before I could even pick out my surroundings. Please be a snow day! Please be a snow day! I heard the morning ritual play out downstairs. A door opening, my dog rushing outside, then more footsteps… but not going up the stairs. This time, they grew fainter. I slowly forced myself to roll over and check the time, 7:26. Snow day. I let a small grin stretch across my face as the day just got even better. March is my favorite month, ever, and I had been counting down to this day for the past week. Between dance, Slice of Life, signs of spring, and even just rotating chores in my own house, makes for a pretty amazing month. Now to add on no school on the first day fills me with this indescribable happiness.

6 thoughts on “SOLSC – 1/31

  1. Great description, Amber! It’s like I was experiencing it right alongside you. As I sit under my warm blanket and watch the flakes falling outside I too am enjoying this beautiful gift of a snow day!

    I forgot how much March was your favorite month! Looking forward to hearing of all your adventures!

  2. Your story has great detail and I totally agree on your opinion of snow days! My school had a snow day as well, and it was a relief! Another reason I like your story is because you gave such great visual I was able to picture myself waking up to what you heard! Great job writing!

    Question: What do you do on snow days?

    • Sometimes I actually go outside and play ( haha strange I know) but usually I just sleep in and play my iPod:)

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