SOLSC- 29/31

Today my irish dance troupe performed at a retirement home for elderly men. Now our troupe consists of nearly 50 girls so the turn up today was insane. We had a grand total of eight girls.  Crazy right? But it is a Sunday so who could blame? Anyways, altogether my troupe has 10 dances that we perform. Because of the lack of dancers we danced 5. In my troupe there are five different “rankings.” The Sprites are the little girls, some as young as three years old. Then you have intermediate 1, 2, and 3. I’m in intermediate 3, the best intermediate group. Above my group is the advanced group. These girls are all in high school.

First the intermediates performed our first dance. This dance went well as well as the next dance. Then the Sprites went on and performed what we call The Haymakers Jig. Overall they did pretty well, considering the fact that they are no older than 6. Then the intermediate 2 performed Skidoo. This is normally performed in hard shoes but today they just danced in soft shoes so that we didn’t damage the floor. The two intermediate 2’s that showed up did Wel on that dance.

Next was Cotton Eye Joe. This dance was especially nerve wracking today. This is because in the first half of the song the intermediate 2’s perform a soft shoe part. Then the intermediate 3′ and advanced girls go on and perform an incredibly fast hard shoe part. There were only two girls doing this part today. My partner and I. Even though we were performing in soft shoes, I was really nervous that we were going to get off beat. Luckily we did great and even went out for ice cream afterwards. I’m so greatful to be able to irish dance and hope to continue as long as I can.

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