SOLSC- 6/31

My family has had an interesting history with cats. Our first cat was named Guido. We got him before I was born but soon got rid of him because he wasn’t good with kids. Then for the longest time my house remained a cat free house. Enter the Pablo first. This sweet, little cat was named by my brothers. They were really into The Backyardagins at the time, so of course, the cat was named after the main character. Sadly, Pablo didn’t last long before he became an outside cat and ran away. Once again, the house hold was free of cats. And now we meet Pablo the Second. He was a black kitten, cute as can be. Like our former cat he became an outside cat and it was followed with similar results. This wasn’t the end though. Three years ago we got another black cat named Molly. We kept this cat for about a year before she became an outside cat. And like the others, she ran away. It’s been two years since we’ve had a cat. But… A few weeks ago my mom broke the news. We’re getting another cat tonight!

2 thoughts on “SOLSC- 6/31

  1. That is a pretty interesting history of cats. I’m curious if you’re excited about this new addition or not. The phrase “broke the news” seems to make me think you’re not thrilled, but maybe you’re just a little wary given the history! Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing of this new little ones name…Pablo the Third or perhaps Molly the Second? 🙂

    • I was actually beyond excited when my mom told me. I couldn’t believe it. The humane society has this deal for cats that was buy one get one free (crazy right) and we couldn’t decide between two cats. We ended up getting two cats! Olaf and Newt.

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